The GNHCC Chamber Choir is an auditioned 24-30 voice SATB ensemble comprised of members from the larger chorus.  This ensemble rehearses weekly and performs throughout the year, serving as a Community Outreach vehicle for the organization.  The group focuses on performing unaccompanied works at the highest possible level and prides itself on challenging members to grow as musicians, singers, and people.  An additional focus is placed on memorization and interpretation.

In true GNHCC fashion, the idea of “serious fun” is always at the forefront of each meeting. To schedule an audition, please email

Purpose Statement

Greater New Haven Community Chorus – Chamber Choir exists to:  Deepen and enrich the opportunities within GNHCC; Provide fulfilling educational outlets to members of the chorus who seek to take their choral experience to the next level; Foster a core contingency of singers to serve as pillars within the sections, thus improving the overall rehearsal and performance experience for all members; Serve as a quickly-mobilized community outreach vehicle for the organization, improving networking and awareness and building meaningful connections in the community that result in member, audience, patron, partnership/alliance, and sponsor cultivation; Serve as a performance-based fundraising mechanism for the organization.  The Chamber Choir is open to all members of GNHCC who prove a willingness, ability and commitment to the promotion and cultivation of the larger organization, AND display a desire to achieve comprehensive preparation of intermediate and advanced choral literature.

Chamber Choir members must:

  • be a member of Greater New Haven Community Chorus
  • undergo a music literacy assessment (audition) to ensure that they are able to adequately prepare literature on their own
  • pay annual fees in addition to their GNHCC membership
  • purchase their own music
  • attend additional rehearsals each week (40 minutes)
  • attend an additional retreat each semester
  • commit to community outreach events, added rehearsals and performances as necessary
  • be a vocal-model and beacon within his/her section