“I first joined GNHCC with Ron Konetchy at its helm back in the 80s. It was Christmas time, and I and my sister-in-law Carla wanted to sing fun Christmas carols. Instead, what we got was Mozart’s Dixit Dominus! I was hooked on “real” choral music from that moment on. My children, who were toddlers at the time, listened endlessly to the rehearsal tapes with me and knew all the words. The challenge of learning each semester’s music is invigorating and the concerts always fill me with a great sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and pride. Long live GNHCC!”

Joanne, Hamden

“Music has always been an important part of my life, but in 2001 it became a life saver. That was the year that I suffered the break-up of a 20 year romantic relationship. I was devastated – and looking for something to distract me from my broken heart – when I happened upon a newspaper ad for GNHCC. I went to my first rehearsal the following week. Ironically, the theme for that spring semester was love songs! I’m sure my fellow chorus members wondered why my eyes welled up with tears with every song we rehearsed! But I stuck it out and have never regretted it. In the sixteen years since joining the chorus, I have furthered my musical education, made many new friends, performed beautiful music in 40+ concerts, grown tremendously as a person, and even made a career switch. In 2013, I joined the Board of Directors, and my volunteer experience as a Board member was instrumental in helping me find a job in a new career field.”

Pat, West Haven

“I joined the chorus because I wanted to learn how to sing with other people and to sing harmony. I wanted to learn to be a good alto! I have stayed because of the great eclectic range of interesting and beautiful music we sing each semester; because our director Noah does such a great job of teaching, leading, pushing, and inspiring us; and because the chorus is such a welcoming group to everyone who wants to put in the work to make music.”

Kim, New Haven

“I joined the GNHCC after moving to the area from the UK for my partner’s work. I’ve sung in choirs since I was little and thought it might be a nice way to meet people while doing something I love. Rehearsals are the highlight of my week, and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer, more welcoming group.”

Susie, New Haven

“Choral singing has been with me since church choir days. I have been in several auditioned and non-auditioned groups but GNHCC has been my longest uninterrupted stint. A great group of people doing wonderful, challenging and rewarding music.”

Craig, Hamden