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Greater New Haven Community Chorus
Announces Choral Conducting Scholarship Recipient
for its Fiftieth Anniversary 2013 - 2014 Concert Season


New Haven, CT – October 7, 2013 – For the fourth consecutive year, the Greater New Haven Community Chorus (GNHCC) has announced the recipient of the GNHCC Choral Conducting Assistant Scholarship Program.  This year's recipient is Austin Czarnecki (Yale, 2014), whose scholarship term runs from August 2013 through June 2014.

Czarnecki is a senior at Yale University, who will be graduating in 2014.  Although he is majoring in psychology, Austin is involved with many different musical organizations on campus, and studies voice with Janna Baty through the Yale School of Music.

This past year, he was the music director of one of Yale's premier a cappella groups, the Yale Alley Cats, and also assistant conductor of the Jonathan Edwards College Philharmonic, an entirely student-run orchestra on campus.  During July 2013, Czarnecki participated in a 9-day choral arts symposium master class with Grammy Award-winning choral conductor Vance George.  He was also a member of the Battell Chapel Choir from 2010 through 2012.  He continues to be involved in the Opera Theater of Yale College where he has been singing and playing the violin since 2010.

When asked about the scholarship opportunity being presented to him, Mr. Czarnecki remarked, "I'm thrilled to be offered the opportunity to spend a year with GNHCC gaining this kind of experience, the kind of experience that I'll need to continue conducting in the future.  No matter how much time you spend studying scores and mastering the music, you can't truly learn to conduct until you're up in front of a group.  I think for many students – even those pursuing graduate degrees – finding podium time and dealing with the everyday realities of running a chorus are the most difficult parts of learning to be a choral conductor." 

The GNHCC Choral Conducting Assistant Scholarship Program presents a remarkable opportunity for a university or college student who is interested in the art of choral conducting.  Recipients gain real-world experience through weekly interaction with a large chorus of varying levels and ability. Under the mentorship of the Artistic Director, Noah Blocker-Glynn, the recipients hone their analysis and score study skills, gain invaluable experience “on the podium,” refine rehearsal technique and performance practice, enhance their knowledge of vocal pedagogy, as well as assist in the daily administration and artistic direction of the organization.

According to Mr. Blocker-Glynn, "opportunities like this are few and far between for young aspiring conductors.  The friendly and welcoming environment of GNHCC only increases the value of this experience."  Mr. Blocker-Glynn went on to say "It's an incredible opportunity for undergraduate students who aspire to gain skills in the instruction, rehearsal and performance of choral music.  In truth, this kind of opportunity is a rarity and has a real, long-lasting impact on the students who experience it.  Our assistants receive feedback and coaching from me, – yes, that's true – but the real educational vehicle is the chorus.  Every member’s response – whether it's musical or not – every inquiry and every piece of feedback is what makes this program such a huge success." 

Past recipients of the scholarship program include: Matthew Cramer (2012-2013) – The Hartt School '13; John "JJ" Masko (2011-2012) – Yale University, '14; and Spencer Cromwell (Spring 2009 and 2010-2011) – Yale University, '12.

Spencer Cromwell, GNHCC’s first scholarship recipient commented that “After being granted so much time on the podium, I feel more comfortable and confident in my abilities to lead a productive rehearsal. We worked on incredibly difficult repertoire that would be a challenge for any professional chorus, and performed the music on a very high level, considering the wide range of musical talent.  The mentorship I received from this program is invaluable.”

Greater New Haven Community Chorus consists of approximately 100 voices and draws its membership from throughout the greater New Haven area.  GNHCC strives to embrace the wide diversity of the community and is committed to making quality music accessible and approachable for audiences and members alike.  Greater New Haven Community Chorus was founded in 1963 as a venture in community singing and continues to perform with pride and distinction.

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