Spoiler Alert!

The Beauty You Have Begotten seeks to reflect “pillars of the human experience,” as described by GNHCC director Noah Blocker-Glynn, who commissioned the work from CT-based composer Dr. Jessica Rudman. Dr. Rudman visited rehearsal on February 21 to both discuss her process with the chorus and listen to our progress in preparing it.

“For me, the text always comes first,” she explained, in describing the choice of poems that forms the lyrics to the 5-piece movement: “I try to take the emotions and images of the text and try to find ways to evoke them in the music.” Furthermore, “sometimes the sounds of the words suggests instrumental sounds to accompany them.” Together, the poems, all written by poets born in the 1800s, may portray some “moments of doubt and conflict,” but paint “a largely celebratory mood, to appreciate life,” and connections between all of us.

Dr. Rudman stayed to listen to the rehearsal of her work, and also to answer questions from the singers, who were very interested to learn more about particular details in the composition, like the choice of voice parts used in the solos, and her own inspirations and musical influences. The choice of the saxophone quartet, however, came from Noah, who was recently stopped in his tracks by the sounds of a rehearsal at the Hartt School of Music. It turned out to be a saxophone quartet, and inspired his choice: “the marrying between high, middle, middle, low voicing just seemed to pair itself very well with a chorus,” he explained.

GNHCC will present the premiere performance of The Beauty You Have Begotten, for SATB chorus and Saxophone Quartet, on Saturday June 8, at Battell Chapel in New Haven. Both the GNHCC singers and our Director Noah Blocker-Glynn are excited to present it to our audience: “It’s ours; we will be giving it its first flight,” and we hope you will be there to join us and welcome this marvelous composition!

Stay tuned to this space for further details on concert ticket availability.